.​.​. And Reach Palm Springs

by Dead Astropilots


Dead Astropilots Lille, France

Dead Astropilots is

Rachel BIGGS: Vox, Guitar, Keyboards

Simon DAK: Guitar, Machines, Vox

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Track Name: 01_Darkness In The Light Part 1
Track Name: 02_Not Another Blue Morning
Trapped in your head
Out of reach and out of sight

_You don't wanna see the risin' sun

Deal with your future,
with your present and your past

_Time has come to face the risin' sun

And you know, deep inside, it's not another blue morning

And you know, deep inside, it's not another blue morning

Straight ahead on your ride
Leave it all and turn your back

_You can trust the ghosts by your side

New realms
New dreams
and the wind blowin' in your ears

_Never really thought you'd go so far

And you know, deep inside, it's not another blue morning

And you know, deep inside, it's not another blue morning
Track Name: 03_Redroom
There are some places
That you can find
When you lose yourself
When you lose your mind

Strange and dark places
With Filth and Sin
Where deepest wishes
Lead you to the Ruin

Like da Redroom.

Hidden in the cities everywhere the same
In the darkest stories
And the fairy tales.

Open that metal door
Come find yourself
And feel the taste of both
Heaven and Hell

In the redroom.

You could get your kicks
If you reach that place
Like a pagan feast
Or an acid test.
Track Name: 04_The White Rabbit
We stay at home
Workin' on it
And sometimes, sometimes
The White Rabbit
…........................feed your head.
Track Name: 05_Darkness In The Light Part 2
Lonely sparkle in the dark
Going faster than a ray of light

Feeling borderline
Lika revolution deep inside

Focus on the endless night
The deep blue sky seems alive

Invitation to rise and fall
Extreme diving with the Ancient Gods.

I am
at the same time
in the darkness
and in the light
I feel
at the same time
as empty
as high

The sun seems so cold
Moving shadows by my side

Burning makes me shine
Relate satellite and deep impact

As the ground turns to light
The deep blue sky turns to black

Following my way down
I look at your world from above.

Time freezes
No sound but a strange lullaby
Make me take leave of my senses
I could stay here for a million years.
Track Name: 06_The Black Line
TV tells me about the Death

RADIO tells me about the Death

MAGAZINES tell me about the Death

PAPERS tell me about the Death

…............................... I'm on the Black Line................................................
Track Name: 07_Rocket Baby
Rocket Baby shines,
Rides and flies so high.
Rocket Baby shines in the night and the daylight.
Shine ! Shine ! Rocket Baby shine !
Ride ! Ride ! Right, to the bullseye.

Time is up
Engine's on
in control

Thru the night
Hear that call
For our souls

Extra - time
Game is yours
Lose your mind
In warp zones
Track Name: 08_...And Reach Palm Springs
Lost in that electric dream

Forget about the shore and leave

Find that meeting place of ends and beginings

And reach Palm Springs.